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Curbside Library Book & Media Returns
Aluminum alloy construction that can never rust and has a natural memory that resists dents and dings better than steel. 100% recycled materials, and is itself 100% recyclable.
Caring. That's what it's all about

The safety and convenience of your patrons is your paramount concern. Allow them to return materials from the safety of their cars, to avoid dark parking lots, and the pedestrian dangers of walking between rows of cars. Add convenience for the elderly and disabled. Prevent trips and falls. Don’t require parents to remove children from car seats, or worse yet, leave them in the car "just for a minute" while they run inside to return materials. A drive-up return can do all of that, plus keep your circulation turning in all weather.




better from the get-go...



Kingsley has been designing and manufacturing high quality depositories and material handling equipment for well over 50 years. We've gone through the trial and error stage, and can offer you trouble-free precision made products designed to last for decades. Over the years we've listened to customers just like you and have incorporated their great ideas suggestions, and constructive criticism into every product we offer. Go to Discover Kingsley.


Kingsley only uses non rusting and high strength materials in every product we offer. Our material of choice for products exposed to weather is high tensile strength aluminum alloy due to its non-rusting and highly resilient dent resistance. It's the same material as used by NASA, the U.S. Military, aircraft and automobile manufacturers. For many products, we use stainless steel and all transport material handling products are constructed of lightweight high tensile strength aluminum for optimum ergonomics. Our wood products are all high-end furniture grade utilizing plywood bases and real wood veneers. Go to Discover Kingsley.


All Kingsley aluminum products are constructed of 100% recycled product, and are themselves 100% recyclable. Our stainless steel products are constructed from material that is about 60% recycled (the highest available). We use only non-VOC and non-polluting powder coat finishes. From our outdoor free-standing to our interior products – wood or metal – Kingsley applies an anti-microbial finish to greatly reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. Go to Discover Kingsley.



American Made For A World Wide Market

Kingsley has products on every continent and most countries around the world. All products are fabricated, manufactured, and assembled in the U.S.A. from American made components. A minimum of five (5) Quality Control inspections are conducted for each process in manufacturing and assembly to ensure that no matter where in the world our products end up, they will be trouble-free for decades.



Library Book Returns, Carts, Material Handling, Payment Drops, Recycling & Trash Cans, Book Carts, Media Movers. Kingsley Companies® enables you to provide fast, efficient and safe returns for your patrons and ergonomically designed transport equipment for you.