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Freedom from Shipping Costs
Standard shipping to the contiguous USA is absolutely free on every product purchased on! There’s no size restrictions, weight limitations, or quantity requirements. Free means Free!
Common Sense Guidelines: "Standard Shipping" is our choice of carriers and does not include any special requirements you might specify. Costs of special requests (if any) will be added to the total amount due.
International? Call us for low rates to all points of the world.
Freedom from worry

All Kingsley 4ever™ Aluminum Alloy or Stainless Steel outdoor returns, thruWall™ Returns, carts, and book trucks are warranted forever against rust, corrosion, and structural failure.

All thruWall™ and Outdoor Returns utilize the latest technology in fire suppression, theft deterrence, and weather resistance. Sleep tight. We’re on the job!

Freedom from environmental concerns

We're boldly moving our entire line to heavy-duty aluminum alloy that is 100% recycled material, and is itself, 100% recyclable. All Kingsley® products have an environmentally friendly powder coated finish. Cardboard boxes are being replace with alternative environmentally friendly packaging.

Customer Freedom

Allow patrons to make easy 24/7 returns safely and conveniently. Easy, Kingsley invented One Hand Deposits. Curbside Returns allow returns from the safety of a car. No dark parking lots to cross, no fighting inclement weather, no removing children from car seats, no hassles for the elderly or disabled. Just fast, convenient returns that keep your circulation turning.