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specified by more architects than all other thruWall systems combined!
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Through Wall Depositories are used to deposit materials from the exterior to interior of the building.

Common uses are: Books, Media, Overnight Envelopes, Bill Payments, Rent Payments, and Document Returns.

Stainless Steel Exterior Faceplates coupled to high tensile strength aluminum interior parts means no rusting, ever! Structurally guaranteed to last the life of the building! Wide and High depository opening measures 18"w x 3"h to easily accept small or large library materials and overnight envelopes. Exterior faceplates are powder coated with Kingsley's commercial grade anti-graffiti coating.

All Kingsley thruWall Returns are ADA Compliant, and all accept Kingsley's high capacity carts (sold separately) See product page for standard wording, or custom wording is available (additional charge)

All Kingsley thruWall Depositories usually ship within 3 days...and standard shipping to the continental U.S. is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Ease™ thruWall Depository

The easiest to install! Accepts materials to 18"w x 3"h x 25"l. Built-in weather hood. Anti-phishing security features. Stainless Steel face plate. Draft Guard. Inside locking. ADA Compliant.
Available as singleDrop™ or dualDrop™ that accepts both books and media.

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kwikDrop™ thruWall Depository

The #1 World-Wide Best Seller since 1997! Accepts materials to 18"w x 3.25"h x 20"l. Anti-phishing. Inside locking. Draft Guard. Weather/Fire resistant..Best theft protection.
Available as Walk-UP or Drive-up that extends toward the curb for easier deposits. ADA Compliant.

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All the features you want! Electronic locking from inside the building. Exterior status lights. Lighted sign. Automatically locks the exterior door if it senses smoke, fire, or electrical hazard. Built in Drafty Guard prevents drafts from entering the building. Super quiet. Accepts materials to 18"w x 3.25"h x 25"l. Fully weather sealed. Liquid diversion system - liquids entering through the depository are channeled outside the building. RFID compatibility kits are available. Enter coupon code TEKSTAR at checkout.

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