ErgoPower - Electric Powered Carts

Is emptying the book drop a chore? Do you need to send more than one person or a particular person because it’s difficult? Not anymore. Our ErgoPower electric carts are effortlessly operated by one person up ADA ramps, over thresholds, over thick carpet, rough asphalt, snow, and more.

View the ErgoPower exclusive features below or check out our full list of cart features.

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ErgoPower Cart Features

ErgoPower Cart with books being operated

Reduce injuries

The cart does all the work for you. No more pushing or pulling and struggling with tough terrain. All you need to do is steer which causes less strain and fatigue on the back and shoulders. Less strain and stress leads to less work related injuries and may even lower your worker’s compensation.

Close up of cart motor

Strong and Quiet Motor

The ErgoPower Cart motor was originally designed for mobility scooters. It is strong enough to push a cart full of books and quiet enough not to cause a disturbance.

Battery Icon

Long Lasting Batteries

We use only long-lasting gel batteries that are maintenance free and have a longer life than your standard battery. Batteries take 8 hours to charge with the included charger. A one hour quick charger is also available for purchase.

Shot of control paddles and pannel on with full charge

Easy to Use Operations

Intuitive controls include forward and reverse paddles and variable speed setting. Colored lights help indicate the remaining charge and buttons for a horn are also included to warn others of your presence.

Close up of cart control panel

Keyed Controls

Want to operate the cart? You’ll need the key to move it. Once the key is inserted, the cart powers on and the controls become available. This keeps the cart from being moved by any unauthorized individuals.

Close up of 8 inch rugged wheel

Rugged Locking Wheels

When the forward and reverse paddles are not in use, the electric brake is engaged and the wheels lock up to prevent it from rolling away or backwards on ramps. While the rugged 8” wheels are designed to tackle any terrain that you need to cross.