1. How do I order replacement parts?

    Some replacement parts are available online. Please check the accessory section of the website to see if we have what you are looking for. If you can’t find the part you need, contact Kingsley Customer Service at (800) 376-7209 or email sales@kingsley.com and we will be happy to assist you.

  2. Can I position my cabinet cart access door to any side of the return?

    The top portion of Kingsley curbside returns (except for the 70 and 80) can be rotated 360° so the depository opening and access door can be placed in any configuration you need. Both hoods on the 70 and 80 sizes can both be rotated 270° to allow for flexibility in the placement of the depository openings but the cart access door will remain on one of the longer sides of the unit.

  3. Does my return need to be anchored to the ground?

    For complete security, safety, and the best operation of your unit, we recommend that it be anchored to the ground. Not only should it be anchored to the ground, it should be anchored to leveled ground. Anchoring on leveled ground ensures the cart access door will open and close properly. It also ensures the locking rods (which provide the 3-pt security) will go up and down smoothly on your lock assembly enabling to lock and unlock properly.

  4. Is your website secure?

    Yes. We use data encryption methods to protect your online information. Please see our privacy policy for more details.

  5. What if I need to make a return?

    In the rare occasion that you must return your Kingsley product, please view our return pliicy and contact us at (800) 376-7209, ext 122. Our customer service team will be ready to support you.

  6. Are your products compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?

    Yes. All our depositories are ADA compliant when installed properly and with the appropriate braille tags sold separately.

  7. Do you really warranty your products forever?

    Our products made from aerospace grade aluminum and stainless steel are warranted for structural damage and “rust through” for the life of the product. Please see our warranty details page for full information and exclusions.

  8. Do you have Kingsley product information for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification?

    Please see our LEED certifications page for more information.

  9. What is the purpose of a cart cover?

    Cart covers are designed to go over your cards to protect your collections from inclement weather such as rain and snow. We also now have a line of carts with built-in covers that will provide the same protection.

  10. Do you ship to Alaska and Hawaii?

    We do ship to Alaska and Hawaii Due to the higher cost of freight to Alaska and Hawaii, we must quote these separately and charge freight for them.

  11. Do you ship internationally?

    We do ship internationally. International freight is a bit complicated and so we are unable to quote that online at this time. If you need an international freight quote, please contact us.

  12. How can I order the same unit with a different color/wording on the same order?

    When adding your items to the cart, instead of changing the quantity, add them one at a time. Complete all of the options for one product and add it to your cart before doing the same for the next set of custom options. This will allow you to select different options for each unit.