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Iron ore products like stainless steel are being replaced by environmentally friendly, rust-free, and stronger aluminum alloys.



Here for you now.

Here for you always.

Built for the life of the building.

And then some.

Through wall returns should last the life of the building. Kingsley thruWall™ Systems do. After all, we’ve been making them for decades without a reported failure. Ever.

We’ve pushed every limit and considered every detail, to provide you with truly trouble-free, long lasting, and highly secure through wall systems.

All Kingsley® thruWall™ Systems are complete with virtually indestructable face plates, inside locking mechanism, internal chute assembly, and wording, We even include a powder coated external anti-graffiti clear coat.

Models include Library Returns, Bill Payment, Overnight Envelopes, and can be custom worded to fit your needs.

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thruwall returns


Kingsley now offers etched, routed, or silk screened wording on select models. Call for pricing and details!

Book Return

Kingsley Library Equipment

An Explosion of color, style, and durability

For over 55 years Kingsley has been on the cutting edge of Library Book Returns. Our military grade aluminum construction can never rust and is 20% stronger than stainless steel. Now, we offer all six of our capacities in your choice of 7 colors with anti-graffiti clear coat, plus custom graphics and artful custom skins. All Kingsley Returns are fire suppressant, theft deterrent, and weather resistant. Plus, they carry our exclusive 4ever Warranties. We invented outdoor library returns. We know how they should be built for a lifetime of trouble free service.

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ergopower carts

Built for the long haul...

ergoPOWER™ Self Propelled Carts

Public, Academic & School Libraries | Warehouse | Distribution Centers

Strong and quiet electric motor with long-lasting gel batteries does all the work. You simply steer. Less stress and fatigue on your back and shoulders. Simple one person operation, even up ADA ramps, over thresholds, across carpeting, over asphalt, and through sand and snow. Field tested for over three years, the ergoPower has proven to be safe and reliable. Easy operation with intuitive controls, variable speed, and reverse. ErgoPower fits through all standard 36” wide doors and aisles. Fast 8 hr recharge with a one hour quick charger available, but it can last weeks on a single charge (depending on use). Anti roll-back on inclines, Electronic brake for quick stops. Automatically stops when the throttle is released. Keyed lock prevents unauthorized use. All this plus Kingsley’s auto-adjustable receiving tray that lowers as materials are deposited for less damage, and raises as removed for less bending and stooping. Easy unloading from a sitting position.

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Enough said.

If any of our products rust or fail due to structural failure, we'll replace or repair them.

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Precision equals quality. Kingsley® is quality.

Advanced laser manufacturing processes.

Superior design using SolidWorks® and experienced operators.

Precise engineering to use the right metals in the right areas and parts

that provide a lifetime of trouble-free use.

All Kingsley® products are virtually maintenance free.

Virtually air tight = fire, mildew, & mold suppressant

Extreme Water resistance

Security beyond just beyond

We work hard to be a company our employees and our customers can be proud of. For us, that means doing our best to support the many people and communities we serve. It also means respecting the environment by reducing our impact and conserving resources where we can. We strive to make people feel good and show that Kingsley® is a company that cares.