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Outdoor Payment Drops

Secure Curbside Deposit Boxes

4ever™ payment drop box is your answer for a heavy-duty outdoor deposit box for rents, bills, payments and more. With a built-in theft deterrent system that easily receives envelopes through a sleek patron-friendly & secure depository opening and then keeps them safe until they are received. Available in three different configurations.

  1. Never Rusting Quality

    Kingsley returns will never rust because they can’t. Kingsley aluminum alloy will not rust like steel or discolor or corrode like stainless. Approved for use in coastal areas and where road solvents are used. Plus the natural memory of our alloy resists dents better than steel.

  2. Over 50 Years Experience

    Kingsley has over 50 year history of providing high quality, durable, and innovative solutions for materials collection, return, and recycling.Kingsley is the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of through wall and stand alone book and media returns as well as a full line of library material handling equipment.

  3. The Best Warranties

    All of us at Kingsley appreciate our customers and their needs. Rest assured that in the vast majority of shipments, there will never be a Warranty issue. If one does arise, also be assured that we will handle it in a fast and uncomplicated manner. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction.

Library Book Returns, Carts, Material Handling, Payment Drops, Recycling & Trash Cans, Book Carts, Media Movers. Kingsley Companies® enables you to provide fast, efficient and safe returns for your patrons and ergonomically designed transport equipment for you.