C-Series Drive-Up

Curbside outdoor library returns are an important feature that every library should have for the convenience and safety of their patrons. Drive-up returns allow patrons to return items without having to get out of their cars and into inclement weather such as rain, snow, and ice. They allow busy patrons to quickly drop off items without the need to make use of limited mobility devices or having the hassle of taking kids out of the car. Patrons can also deposit items at night without having to leave the safety of their vehicle.

Our C-Series was designed specifically for curbside vehicle returns from cars, trucks, and SUVs. It can also be used for ADA compliant walk-ups when properly installed. This series is our premium outdoor library return line with extra security, safety, and convenience features. View our C-Series exclusive features below or check out our full list of standard outdoor return features.

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  1. 60 C-Series Supermax Versa DualDrop Book and Media Return
    60 C-Series DualDrop System
    Outdoor Library System
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C-Series Exclusive Features

Side view of hood extending from cabinet

Anti-Collision Design

The depository hood extends approximately 13” from the curb for easier deposits from vehicles. The cabinet sits safely back, avoiding most collisions.

Recessed Depository Opening

The depository opening on the C-Series is set back into the hood so that it is surrounded on all 4 sides for additional weather protection. No need to worry about water splashing up from drive-up returns on a rainy day.

Detailed image of interior flap of depository

Internal Liquid Diversion System

Nothing is 100% foolproof but we try to get as close as possible. If any liquids do manage to make it in through the depository opening, the C-Series depository is designed to divert it away from the collection area.

Detailed image of depository opening with a lock on either side

Locking Depository Opening

All C-Series returns come with two cam locks, one on either side of the depository opening, to secure the flap and keep the unit from accepting anymore items.