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Outdoor Bill, Rent, Payment Drops

Custom colors and designs available to fit your needs!

Kingsley Payment Drop

Design and Security.
       Taken right to the edge.

The 4ever™ payment drop box is your answer for a heavy-duty outdoor deposit box for rents, bills, payments and more. With a built-in theft deterrent system that easily receives envelopes through a sleek patron-friendly & secure depository opening and then keeps them safe until they are received. Available in three different configurations.

Rent Payment Drop

Theft Deterrent.

A Look Inside The Most Secure Curbside Deposit Box.

Built-in theft deterrent system makes removing items anything but possible. Highly secure, fire suppressant and weather sealed to keep collections safe and secure with a three-point locking system to guard against theft or vandalism. For additional security two models are available with a built-in Security Steel™ Burglary Safe.


  • Can Never Rust
  • Dent Resistant Alloys
  • kwikDrop Depository
  • Fire Suppressant
  • Weather Resistant
  • Highly Theft Deterrent
  • Powder-Coat Finish
  • Fully Assembled
  • Warranted Forever
  • Against Structural Failure
  • Against Rusting

Available Colors:


Standard colors above are included free.
Additonal custom colors and graphics
available for an extra charge. Contact us
for more details.

Compare & Buy: Payment Drop

Without Safe


Three-Point Locking

Empty Cabinet

Model# 02-9830

From $2,490.00

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With Standard Safe


Three-Point Locking

Built-in Safe

Model# 04-9830

From $3,290.00

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With Heavy-Duty Safe


Three-Point Locking

Built-in HD SAFE

Model# 04-9830-HD

From $3,990.00

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Lock Rent Payment Drop

Optional Safe

Additional security can be provided by a Security Steel™ Anit-Burglary Safe made of solid steel that receives the deposits and keeps them safe and secure.



Kingsley is environmentally friendly.

All Kingsley 4ever™ curbsides hoods, cabinets and carts are constructed of 100% recycled aluminum alloy, and are themselves 100% recyclable. Our powder coating process allows no pollutants or hazards to enter the environment. There are no harmful toxins used throughout the manufacturing process.