Kingsley® Outdoor Recycling Collection Container
Weather Resistant. Sealed Seams. Rust Resistant.
Model# 05-9730
Prices good through March 31, 2019
All aluminum Rust Proof Outdoor Recycling Container with an attractive appearance! Comes coated with a durable industrial powder coated finish and a Unique round depository opening that accepts up to 2-liter plastic bottles. One piece of heavy duty gauge aluminum is used to form three sides of the cabinet, so there are no seams for animals or vandals to pry open. The door frame is securely welded in place with a hinged access door made of heavy duty gauge aluminum. With Kingsley® Single point locking system (opening side) coupled to a strong industrial grade T-Handle keyed lock that is virtually vandal proof. The T-Handle lock fights against extreme weather conditions, resists freezing, keeps dirt out and self-seals. The recyclers can be hard-mounted with supplied anchor bolts for additional security. The cabinet is large enough to accept up to a 34 gallon receiving container. Comes with one white universal recycling logo, can be applied to unit as desired.

This Recycling Container has a full aluminum bottom that adds enhanced rigidity, security and protection to the inside of the container. Recycling and Trash Container are the same overall size and can be placed together side by side to form one unit.
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