Outdoor Return Systems

Your library. Your way.

From the oldest and largest manufacturer of library Returns & Carts in the World.

Kingsley offers three distinct Return Series, seven colors, & up to six capacities. Kingsley does Returns your way!

The C Series is designed to be the perfect drive-up return, but is exceptionally suited for ADA Compliant walk-up. The depository sweeps 15" toward the curb, allowing the cabinet to sit safely back, avoiding most collisions. 6 capacities.

NEW! The Kingsley S Series is the ideal ADA Compliant Walk-up Return, or use it at curb for easy drive-ups. The hood rotates 360 degrees allowing the cart access door to be placed on any side. 5 capacities.

NEW! The Kingsley K Series features a radical new depository that accepts materials to 17-3/4" X 12-1/2" X 7"H. Great for receiving stacks of books inter-library transfers, donations. 2 capacities.