Outdoor Library Book and Media Returns

Outdoor library returns are an important feature that every library should have for the convenience of their patrons. Some units are better suited to walk-up deposits and others are specifically designed for drive-up use. Both allow busy patrons to quickly drop off items without the need to make a trip all the way into the library. They also allow patrons the ability to return materials when it is convenient for them, even if the library is closed.

We take pride in our products and want to make the process of receiving your collections as convenient as it is for your patrons to return them.

C-Series Outdoor Curbside Returns - Shop Now

The C-Series is designed to be the perfect drive-up book drop, but is also suitable for ADA Compliant walk-ups. The depository sweeps 15" toward the curb, allowing the cabinet to sit safely back, avoiding most collisions. 6 unit capacities available.

Quality at an affordable price S-Series - Shop Now

The Kingsley S-Series is the ideal ADA Compliant walk-up return. It can also be used at the curb for easy drive-ups. The hood rotates 360 degrees allowing the cart access door to be placed on any side. 5 unit capacities available.

S-Series, the most versatile outdoor return offered - Shop Now

The Kingsley K-Series features a radical new depository that accepts materials up to 17-3/4" X 12-1/2" X 7"H. Great for receiving stacks of books, large reference materials, inter-library transfers, and various donations. 2 unit capacities available.