We invented the first

outdoor library return.

Then we re-invented it about a hundred times.

Kingsley Outdoor Library Returns
Kingsley® has been around for over 50 Years. We invented the first

library book return

a long, long time ago. We’ve re-invented it hundreds of times since. The first in advancements like one-hand deposits, fire suppression,

ADA Compliant


theft deterrence

, higher capacities,

weather resistance

, safety, powder coated finishes, and now new aluminum alloy construction that can never rust and resists dents better than steel.
Outdoor Book Return
This is what a day off looks like
Outdoor Library book Drops
A Return for relaxing.

Our singular goal in designing Book Returns was to provide hard working librarians a day off. We added immense capacity for long weekend and holiday collections and beefed up security to ease worrying. Enjoy your hobbies. Have fun with the kids. Enjoy life. With book capacities to 560, 760, or 1120, don’t worry about emptying the Book Return.

We invented the Library Book Return. We perfected it. No one has equaled it.

Two side-by-side kwikDrop depository openings. Books through one, media through the other. Or, books through both. Or, media through both. We don’t judge.

Library 50 Series Book Return
Make the most of forever.

A Kingsley Book Return will never rust because they can’t.

Kingsley aluminum alloy will not rust like steel or discolor or corrode like stainless. Approved for use in coastal areas and where road solvents are used. The natural memory of our alloy resists dents better than steel.

If graffiti is not your thing.

Easily remove paint and marker graffiti from Kingsley Book Returns with virtually any solvent. It even provides UV protection against fading, and a high level of scratch resistantance. Standard on our Premium Book Drops and Returns, optional on others.

Custom options for a return as unique as your library

We have tried and proven library graphics as standard. All our C-Series units come with standard “Library Return” wording with our circle library logo on all four sides. If you’re looking for something else, we can do custom vinyl wording, graphics, and even unit colors for an additional fee. Contact us if you’re interested in a quote for customizing your unit.

Fire Suppressant | Theft Deterrent | Weather Resistant

Your collection is the life blood of your library. We keep it safe. All Kingsley Book Drop's cabinets and hoods are totally weather sealed, that also makes them air tight. That means that fires are smothered quickly. Any liquids that do enter through the depository opening are diverted away from the collection area. All Kingsley exclusives.

Easy drive-up deposits!

Easy drive-Up deposits from all vehicles, including SUV’s and trucks

Book Drop
ADA Compliant

ADA Compliant for Walk-Up deposits


KwikDrop™ Depository Opening Allows easy one-hand deposits without a door to pull down or slam closed on fingers. Fast, easy deposits.

Simple Lock

Way beyond a simple lock.
The easy-turning paddle handle folds away to cover the keyhole, virtually eliminating freezing and dirt.

The lock is connected to a tri-point latching system that secures the door with steel rods into the top, bottom, and opening side. A full length piano hinge secures the fourth side.. Overkill? Yes, as it should be.

Book Return

Anti-Collision Design
The depository hood extends approximately 13” toward the curb for easier deposits. The cabinet sits safely back, avoiding most collisions.

No corner seams to pop apart or be pried open by vandals

No rusting!

Internal liquid diversion system
channels liquid away from the collection area

Collection return

Full ramped bottomsraise the collection above water and helps prevent mold & mildew. Adds overall rigidity to help sustain high winds and heavy snow.

No dents

Totally non rusting or staining.
Our military grade aluminum alloy material can never rust like steel, or discolor like stainless steel. The natural memory resists dents better than steel.

Everything done was done for a reason.
Your total and complete satisfaction.

    » Can never rust
    » Natural memory of material resists dents better than steel
    » Warranted FOREVER against rust and structural failure
    » Fire suppressant, weather resistant, and theft deterrent design
    » Full raised bottoms with ramp
    » kwikDrop™ Depository eliminates injuries caused by pull down doors
    » Can be used with Kingsley duraLight™ ergoCart™ & easyRoller Carts™
    » Tall Design for easy deposits from walk-up or from cars, SUV’s, and trucks
    » ADA Compliant
    » Will never streak or discolor like stainless steel
    » Can be used in coastal areas where steel and stainless fail
    » Exclusive 2.5 mil thick powder coat decorative finish
    » Exclusive Tri-Point locking secures the door on the top, bottom, and opening side
    » Exclusive industrial grade keyed paddle-handle lock resists freezing
    » Hood can be rotated 360 degrees for depository location on any side
    » Exclusive kwikDrop™ Depository opening is 18”W x 3-1/2”H [457.2mmL x 88.9mmH]
    » Full raised bottom helps keep collections dry and resists mold and mildew
    » Anti-phishing depository opening prevents materials from being removed once deposited
    » Hood extends 13" (33cm) on depository side for easier deposits
    » Made from recycled aluminum alloy