Kingsley S-Series



The S-Series Return and a DuraLightTM-High Capacity Cart at one low price. Save 10% and more by purchasing the Duo!


Better by Design

You and your patrons will be struck by the appearance. But that's just the beginning. It's also highly practical with it's all new KwikDropTM 4 one-hand depository opening measuring 18" wide by 2.5" tall. We designed it to take children's big books and of course, standard sized books. By design, the depository is virtually water tight, extremely theft deterrent, and has fire suppressant features built in.

The hood rotates 360 degrees, allowing deposits from any direction in relationship to the cart access door. Easily place your new S Series against a wall, near a door, on the curb - wherever it's needed.

The Kingsley S-Series is the latest in a long line of library outdoor returns stretching back 55 years. In fact, Kingsley invented the first outdoor library book drop and have been improving them ever since.

Quality and Safety features included on all Kingsley Returns

  • CAN NEVER RUST - Our aircraft grade aluminum contains alloys for strength and durability.
  • 20% STRONGER THAN STAINLESS STEEL - Gauge to gauge, Kingsley's aluminum is more dent resistant.
  • RESISTS CORROSIVE ENVIRONMENTS BETTER - No rust streaks, Can be used in coastal areas.
  • NO SHARP EDGES OUTSIDE or INSIDE - We simply don't allow them.
    • LATCHES AT 3 POINTS - top, bottom, and opening side.
    • A COMMERCIAL GRADE LOCK - Not just a little cylinder lock, but a real lock that has a cover over the keyhole to help keep dirt out and helps prevent freezing.
  • FULL RAMPED BOTTOM - Keeps your collection high and dry while preventing mold and mildew.
  • 100% RECYCLABLE, Kingsley has the best returns for our environment. Nothing else compares.


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