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KwikDrop™ Exterior ThruWall

Blending what you need with what you want.

All the convenience.

Customers can hold purses, packages and children, with one hand while making deposits with the other. There’s no door to pull down and possibly slam closed on fingers. ADA Compliant. Totally user friendly. Simply drop and go. For the staff, the depository door locks from inside the building. No need to walk outside to attach a locking plate.

All the security and weather protection

Highly secure to prevent materials from being removed through the depository. External weather hood helps keep blowing rain and snow out. The Kingsley AirBloc™ System controls outside air from entering the building. Exterior depository door locks from inside the building. Compatible with all Kingsley® transport bins, including taller high capacity units.

Includes: Exterior face plate, Weather hood, Chute Assembly, AirBloc™ plus Inside locking mechanism.

All the different uses.

Customized to your needs.

It’s all in what you ask for. We offer several standard wording packages, or compose your own at checkout with our convenient wording app. The 15” wide by 3-1/4” high depository opening accepts most children’s big books, overnight envelopes, reference materials, or more with ease. ThruWall easily accepts materials to 25” long.

Model# 10-8951
Prices good through March 31, 2019