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Looking to collect mail, ballots, or another low security type of envelope? Have a secure place but you need a strong depository for payments? Our standard Payment Depository is perfect for these uses and more. This drop box comes with an empty cabinet that you can put a cart or trash can into to collect deposited envelopes.

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Payment Drop Exclusive Features

Take envelopes and only envelopes

Our payment drop is designed to accept one thing and one thing only, envelopes. The size of the depository opening keeps anything else from getting in and anything deposited from coming out. There is also a built-in recess that can be used to supply envelopes for people to use for their deposits. It is covered by a sliding door that has “Envelopes Here” vinyl wording as standard.

Choose your level of security

We understand that taking payments means you need security so we offer you the choice of how much you want. You can get a depository without a safe, with a standard built in safe, and with a built in heavy-duty safe. This is in addition to the full length piano hinge and three-point locking paddle lock on the depository door.

Outdoor Depository Features

Durable rust-free aluminum

All our outdoor depositories are made from an aircraft grade aluminum alloy that is stronger than comparable gauge stainless steel as well as more dent resistant. Aluminum will never rust or corrode like traditional steel keeping your unit structurally sound. It will also never streak or discolor like stainless steel. This makes our depositories hold up better in coastal areas.

Drive-up and ADA Compliant for Walk-ups

All Kingsley outdoor depositories are 53" in height so they can be used for drive-up deposits from all vehicles including SUVs and trucks. They are also ADA Compliant for walk-up deposits when properly installed. Braille plates are available for purchase. Our proprietary KwikDrop depository openings allow for one-hand deposits making it easy to deposit items no matter how your patrons decide to.

Beautiful powder coat sealed with an anti-graffiti finish

Each unit comes in your choice of 7 different standard powder coat finishes. We top that with an anti-graffiti clear coat that allows you to easily remove paint and marker with solvents. This coat provides a brilliant finish with UV protection against fading in addition to scratch resistance, keeping your unit looking new for years to come.

Weather Resistant, Theft Deterrent, & Fire Suppressant

No matter what is thrown at your depository, it’s made to stand up to it all. Units come standard with several weather-resistant features. Fully sealed seams and our unique depository openings are designed to keep water out. New units come with a pre-installed access door drip rail that is powder coated the same color as your unit to protect the top of the door from water and snow. All outdoor units have fully ramped bottoms to keep deposited items above the ground and any water on it. Our key paddle locks cover the actual lock to keep it safe from ice and debris. If that’s still not enough, magnetic closure kits can be purchased to keep depository flaps closed during heavy winds and storms.

We take the security of your items seriously and have built our outdoor depositories to be theft deterrent and vandal resistant. Depository openings and chutes are constructed to prevent thieves from pulling anything out. Our unique inter-locking seams are designed to prohibit them from being pried apart. Every door is attached with a full-length piano hinge and secured on the other three sides with a commercial grade three-point latching lock so you can be confident that it will stay shut. Units are also fire suppressant with the ability to smother a flame in under a minute. Don’t believe us? Check out our fire demonstration video.

Customization options are endless

We know that one size never fits all and personal touches are important. All our outdoor depositories have a 360° rotatable hood, so you can place your opening and access door in any configuration you need to fit your space. Our standard vinyl decals include options for wording and graphics so people can properly identify the purpose of your unit. We also take orders for custom powder coat colors, wording, and graphic decals. Fill out our custom unit request form and we’ll be happy to give you a quote for your custom unit.

Environmentally Conscious

All Kingsley outdoor depositories hoods, cabinets, and carts are constructed of up to 85% recycled aluminum alloy and are 100% recyclable. Our powder coating process allows no pollutants or hazards to enter the environment. There are no harmful toxins used throughout the manufacturing process.

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Dimensions 24”W x 36 3⁄16”D x 53 1⁄4”H
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