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DuraLight™ Rolling Transport Bins

DuraLight™ Carts are better in every way. Stronger, yet lighter. Remarkably ergonomic. Exceptionally durable. There's hundreds of little details that makes DuraLight more capable of getting the job done ergonomically and safely.

Ergonomics at work

Move the weight of the load. Not the weight of the bin.

We took the "heavy" out of heavy-duty and made it extreme duty. Construted of the same light weights materials used in aircraft, trucks, and military vehicles, and NASA launch rockets....aluminum alloys. About 60% lighter than comparable steel, and up to 25% lighter than plastic.

ErgoTray™. The heavy lifting done for you.

ErgoTray was developed by Kingsley over 50 years ago to alleviate back and shoulers injuries while reducing damage to materials. The ErgoTray™ Systems lowers as materials are added for less damage, then raises as removed to always keep materials at an ergonomic level for easier unloading. The tray rides on four corner rods that ensure a level motion - no binding or tilting. Tempered springs provide just the right tension for smooth operation. Trays fit within 1/32" (0.79mm) to sides. The felt padding fills this tiny gap. Both virtually eliminate the possibility of materials falling through to the floor.

Easy rolling casters for a lot less fatigue.

The under praised hero of any rolling transport bin is the casters. The easier the casters roll, the less strain placed on the operator. Our plate mounted, ball bearing casters are built to take the weight of heavy loads without failing. Non-marring. Formulated to take the abuse of asphalt and concrete surfaces. Most units come standard with two fixed casters and two that swivel and lock.

Rolling Bin Cart

Push/Pull Ergonomic Handles

Wide "two-fer" handles are wide enough for two people. Great for going up ramps! 180 degree positioning for pulling, or vertical for pushing. We even designed the depth so that your heel won’t be struck by the cart when pulling.

Strong and durable

Rolling Bin Cart

DuraLight™ can never rust, no matter what.

There’s no iron in aluminum to rust...ever. And, unlike stainless steel, DuraLight™ Aluminum Alloys will never dis-color, rust streak, or corrode. DuraLightTM is approved for coastal areas with high salt content, or where road solvents are used.

We made DuraLight™ strong

Our aluminum alloy is about the same thickness and tensile strength as 18 gauge steel. But, it does something steel can't do. The natural memory of our alloy springs back into shape after most collisions. All that strength at a weight that's over 60% lighter than steel. We took a look at all stress points and re-enforced everything. Then we added our Forever Warranty that protects your investment from structural failure forever.

DuraLight™ goes where you go.

All sizes of DuraLight bins easily fit through 36" wide doors and aisles. We even looked at door jams and panic bars. Our unique high capacity designs fit maximum capacity into the minimal footprint. The width of our largest bin is 31.5" (80 CM), and has a capacity of 17.5 cf (.5m3)

Rolling Bin

Industrial style.

A 3 mil thick textured black powder coated finish helps hide dirt, dust, and fingerprints. Coated inside and out just to look pretty.

Features Summary:

See Specification Link for each Model for specific specifications for that unit

Warranted FOREVER against rusting and structural failure. VIEW WARRANTY HERE.

  • Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Construction
  • Can never rust. Use in all environments
  • Resists dents better than most steel
  • Will not crack like many plastics
  • Use in all weather/all temperatures
  • Can be used in most corrosive environments
  • Built to take heavy weights
  • Exceptionally durable
  • ergoTray™ standard on all models
  • Even thin materials cannot fall through
  • ergoTray is non-tilting & non-binding
  • Industrial grade felt tray pad
  • Non marring, ball bearing casters
  • Plate mounted casters
  • All models fit through 36" doors & aisles
  • Rattle-free
  • Push/Pull Handle
  • Black textured powder coated finish