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Built for the long haul...

ErgoPower™ Self Propelled Carts

Public, Academic & School Libraries | Warehouse | Distribution Centers

  1. Strong and quiet electric motor
  2. Long-lasting gel batteries.
  3. Less stress and fatigue on back and shoulders.
  4. Simple one person operation, even up ADA ramps, over thresholds, across carpeting, over asphalt, and through sand and snow.
  5. Field tested for over three years.
  6. Easy operation with intuitive controls, variable speed, and reverse.
  7. ErgoPower fits through all standard 36” wide doors and aisles
  8. 8 hr recharge
  9. Quick charger available
  10. Can last weeks on a single charge (depending on use)
  11. Anti roll-back on inclines
  12. Electronic brake for quick stops.
  13. Automatically stops when the throttle is released.
  14. Keyed lock prevents unauthorized use.
  15. Optional Warning Beeper Available

All this plus Kingsley’s self-leveling receiving tray that lowers as materials are deposited for less damage and raises as removed for less bending and stooping. Easy unloading from a sitting position.

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  1. 50 Series ergoPower Self Propelled Transport Cart

    50 Series ergoPower™ Cart

    Model# 30-9150
    Dramatically reduces back and shoulder injuries caused by pushing heavy loads. May help reduce worker compensation costs (check with your insurance provider). Kingsley® takes our ergonomic designs seriously. The ergoPower™ taller design allows easier unloading without as much back strain due to bending and stooping. 5" diameter plate mounted ball bearing steering casters and 8" pneumatic drive wheels... Learn More
    Prices good through March 31, 2019
  2. ergoPowered Self-Propelled Cart

    60 Series ergoPower™ Cart

    Model# 30-9160
    Spring assembly effortlessly lowers the self-leveling float tray as materials are added for less damage, and raises as materials are removed. Easily glides through narrow aisles and doors. Durable and soft felt pad helps cushion materials. Black powder coated finish is over 2 mils thick to help protect against scratching... Learn More
    Prices good through March 31, 2019

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